Evince Biosciences - Reimagining Drug Discovery Through Artifical Intelligence

Evince Biosciences is a next generation drug discovery company that uses novel biological simulations and artificial intelligence to deliver meaningful results for drug discovery and lead optimization. Each molecule is subjected to a carefully calibrated series of biological simulations that generates a set of descriptors for the molecule or a “biological fingerprint.” The approach used to describe molecules is unique and critical for accurate and useful drug discovery and optimization. The application of artificial intelligence without valid descriptors is not enough. Machine learning is applied to interpret the descriptors and make accurate predictions on activity against the target, selectivity based on counter-screens and drug–like properties based on ADME filters. The AVO platform is unmatched in its accuracy and all-encompassing coverage of the drug discovery and optimization process. Evince partners with innovative researchers to deliver important advances. The AVO platform also powers internal projects.

AI Driven Discovery & Optimization

Evince’s AVO platform uses artificial intelligence and novel simulation to identify and optimize promising drug candidates.

Meaningful Results

The AVO algorithm predicts activity against targets, selectivity, ADME properties and more, all with unprecedented accuracy, and in parallel.

Dedicated to innovation

Evince collaborates with companies and academic groups with cutting edge biology to solve challenging problems in discovery and lead-optimizaiton.