Simply stated, without a dramatic increase in R&D productivity, today’s pharmaceutical industry cannot sustain sufficient innovation to replace the loss of revenue due to patent expirations for successful products (Nature Reviews, March 2010).

By combining an unparalleled artificial intelligence platform, with a seasoned drug development team, Evince will develop new projects, faster, cheaper, and with less overall risk. In addition to proprietary projects in the immuno-oncology space, Evince will engage in multiple types of partnerships, including (a) screening client targets and libraries, (b) collaborations, (c) repurposing projects, (d) co-discovery deals with shared risk, and (5) joint ventures. Projects may focus on a single target or a “franchise” such as cystic fibrosis or diabetes, as examples.

The AVO platform accurately predicts activity against the target of interest, selectivity and drug-like properties (ADME) simultaneously, transforming discovery into a parallel process in a virtual environment, rather than a sequential process in a laboratory environment. AVO has a dramatic economic impact on the drug discovery process. Reduction in cycle time and cost through discovery and lead optimization can lower the capitalized cost by 63%, based on Evince’s analysis of a pharmaceutical productivity study published in Nature Reviews (March 2010). For a biotech company, lower cost enables prosecution of more molecules in parallel and higher probability of success.